Elon Musk and Space X for cooperation with space developed countries


Elon Musk with his incredible Company « Space X » would be even more successful if they accepted a worldwide contribution. Just to let the most updated technologies from all developed countries in space domain be added to their competences. Elon Musk would in such a case remain naturally the boss as he has without any possible doubt been an extraordinary visionary in space developments and performances for future space flights, which he has tremendously improved to such a level, that he is on the path of starting a real conquest of planets first in our solar system as it is described, developed in a novel named:  » NSEA Nations Space Exploration Agency » as mentioned in the following pages.
Pleasant reading.

Neutral Country for filmmakers


Only a neutral Country would dare to accept to produce an extraordinary movie film of science fiction including the most developped space industrial countries without useless comparison.

United States might accept but USA would be the leading space power of the whole world in a film scenario.

Russia might accept but Russia would be the leading space power of the whole world in many aspects as launchers rockets and projects in their scenario.

France might be rather neutral but would also unavoidably concentrate the most developped discoveries realized as first in Europe, in the following order, France first, then Germany, United Kigdom, Italy, Scandinavian countries, Spain and all other European countries. Would follow United States of America, Russia and China in their scenario, USA before the others naturally due to NATO.

Who else? Italy and United Kingdom would favour USA; Germany might be independent with very advance film technologies… SWITZERLAND no doubt would be adequate.

Nations Space Exploration Agency is a science fiction written by Wladimir Vostriko

Clic on the link to have a glinse on the cover of:
N S E A Nations Space Exploration Agency

An original and genuine science fiction novel including the most developed countries in the world in Space Industry as United States of America, Russia, France, Great Britain, Germany Italy, Sweden and the latest contributor who finally decided to join a fantastic club to conquer exoplanets.

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