UNITED STATES with Houston, New-York, Boston are involved in NSEA novel

5 09 2017

THIS IS A NOVEL, a SCIENCE FICTION NOVEL, involving the greatest Space industries in the world – guess what, UNITED STATES is the main country in this activity to try to discover exoplanets. Space developped countries are trying to do their best, but will they succed to reach such a planet, will they succed to build the cosmic lift. The answer is in the Lulu Editing book, title:

NSEA – Nations Space Exploration Agency

In English another novel at Createspace editing: THE VLADIKITE PROJECT

These novels are adequate for Hollywood filmakers, by the way.

IMAGES PHOTOS de l'appareil PENTAX 055
A science-fiction novel where USA is the main nation in space exploration !

N S E A Agence d’exploration spatiale des nations
Par Wladimir Vostrikov

Adventure and advanced technologies in international space activities.
Countries that developed space programs or have contributed to the launches of multistage rockets, with modules containing comburant fuel, plus space vessels and fuel reserve tanks with accessories for second, third and space vessel stages are actively participating in a well known organisation named NSEA, but whose activities remain secret until the final realization of a specific project. Every engaged country has appointed specially trained teams who cooperate in the building of heavy duty surface infrastructures for the new launch site with oversophisticated new technics at « Falaise Crevaux » in French Guyana and Houston. Above it a geostationary space station. An area linked to the memory of the French adventurer Jules Crevaux a former military army doctor in the eighteen century, who by the way, lost his life in the Amazon river area in Peru, eaten by savage wild tribes… more details in lulu description.

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Couverture souple, 430 Pages

Prix catalogue : 25,49 €
à l’occasion du Salon de l’Aéronautique et de l’Espace du Bourget juin 2017IMGP0115Ariane_5_liftoff_on_flight_VA222_small

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