Sapce X and NSEA Agence d’Exploration Spatiale des Nations

1 03 2017

Elon Musk and Space X
Elon Musk with his incredible Company Space-X would be even more successful if they accepted a worldwide contribution. To let technologies from all developed countries in space domain, be added to their competences. Elon Musk would in such a case remain naturally, the boss as he has without any possible doubt been an extraordinary visionary in space developments and performances for future space flights which he has tremendously improved at such a level, that he is on the path of starting a real conquest of planets, first in our solar system as it is described, developed in a novel named:  
One country alone even with the most developed technologies cannot stand alone in front of aims and goals of our entire planet as for instance massive immigration towards other planets.
 » NSEA Nations Space Exploration Agency  » as mentioned in the following pages. Pleasant reading.

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